Temporary Studio Closure Due to COVID 19

Thursday, March 12, 2020 by Rylin Erickson | Uncategorized

After careful consideration I have decided to cancel classes tomorrow (Friday 3/13). While the known coronavirus presence in Sonoma county continues to be low and currently the only official recommended restriction in place involves indoor activities for folks ages 50+, reputable sources are urging immediate social distancing. This advice is convincingly backed by all available data.

We have next week off from classes for spring break anyway (this was already built into our schedule, no makeups needed), which gives us time to see where things are headed. Personally I hope the schools will decide to close temporarily instead of resuming after spring break to slow the speed at which the virus is spreading.

I will create and send pre-recorded video lessons to each Friday student (regardless of what your attendance status was for tomorrow) as soon as possible over the next few days, starting with the Little Twinklers first because their progress tends to be most affected by gaps in attendence. To help me tailor my instruction to each student's needs, the duration of the initial video(s) sent will be roughly 2/3 of your scheduled class time. Please send a short practice video back and I will then reply with personalized feedback (written, video, or both). I'm happy to go back and forth multiple times throughout the week as needed to ensure any new material or corrections are understood and progressing smoothly and will not be limiting the total amount of time spent.

If we find ourselves studying remotely for a longer period we will be using a combination of live video chat lessons/classes and pre-recorded ones. As always, I will continue to welcome short practice videos anytime -- if we all wind up spending a lot of extra time at home, students will occasionally decide to dive deep and want to send multiple videos back and forth in one day to master something. That process is very rewarding for both student and teacher so please do not hesitate to do so!

(Friday students, you received this information earlier today via email. Please send me a quick note back letting me know you got it. Thanks!)