Start-of-Session Newsletter

Sunday, August 30, 2020 by Rylin Erickson | Uncategorized

Hi Students! (This was also sent via email and posted in our Facebook Group)

In this newsletter:

  • New Schedule
  • Practice Club
  • Polls in Lessons and Classes
  • Special Events
  • Event Reminder Settings

Our new schedule starts tomorrow! On a weekly basis Sept-Dec and Feb-May, each student has private/duo lessons, single instrument group classes, and our large group classes: Story Club (ages 4-12), Musicianship (all ages), and Proseminar (beginners ages 12+, int/adv ages 10+). Do your best to be present for group classes these first few weeks because the classes will be pursuing the interests of those who attend. In January and June the schedule changes to allow for ensemble rehearsals and playdowns/recitals, but every effort was made to keep it the same as or extremely close to the days and times you attend the rest of the year. The portal calendar should be accurate through June 2021. 

Practice Club: In addition to the above, you will notice "Practice Club" listed on a daily basis from 6:45pm to 7pm. All students are welcome join this practice routine support group! Audio stays off throughout. Video can be off or option to have video on as long as student is practicing and not trying to distract others. TAs may sometimes be on hand to offer practice support before, during, or after practice club; ask for details on setting up coaching sessions with TAs. (Students who have been TAs in the past or are newly eligible to be TAs will be contacted later this week with details on participating in this program.)

Polls: All students will be asked to answer a quick poll at the beginning and end of their lessons and classes. This helps take the place of nonverbal communication which for some students is less obvious over Zoom and will also allow me to prepare group classes each week that fit the students' preferences as expressed the prior week. Perhaps most importantly, it gives me insight into how each student is handling the challenges posed by pandemic, fire season, and daily life so that I am better poised to offer support during difficult periods. If a child is not yet reading fluently it may be helpful for a parent or older sibling to be present at the beginning and end of each lesson or class to help them get the hang of the polls.

Special Events: Our large group classes on Tuesdays give us an opportunity to celebrate together! We will be having theme weeks in Musicianship class to honor occasions such as Talk Like a Pirate Day, Autumnal Equinox, Hispanic Heritage Month, Indigenous Peoples' Day, Disability Employment Awareness Month, Native American Heritage Month, Human Rights Day, Black History Month, Valentine's Day, Women's History Month, Asian & Pacific Heritage Month, Jewish Heritage Month, LGBTQ+ Pride Month, and Juneteenth. In addition, we will have longer events open to non-studio friends and family by invitation that will take place during the combined timeslots for Story Club, Musicianship, and Proseminar to celebrate Halloween, Winter Solstice, and St. Patrick's Day/Spring Equinox. See your portal calendar for details!

I am looking forward to our next session of classes starting this week! Event reminders have been turned on via email and text for all classes/lessons to ensure you get the hang of the new schedule. If you do not wish to receive reminders at any point you can turn them off in your portal.

Let me know if you have questions about any of the above!