Apprenticeship Program

"While we teach, we learn." (Seneca, Roman stoic philosopher)

"If you want to master something, teach it. Teaching is a powerful tool for learning." (Richard Feynman, American theoretical physicist)

Our Apprenticeship Program offers a perfect balance of freedom and guidance. Some apprentices may find a lifelong career, others a flexible part-time job, but all experience the joy of witnessing improvement in their own playing as well as that of their students. Read on for more details on our student teachers (ages 12+), student coaches (ages 12+), and teaching assistants (ages 9+). If you are a current intermediate or advanced level student interested in becoming a student teacher, coach, or TA, get in touch to learn more!


Select intermediate-advanced students ages 9-adult are invited to serve in lower level classes and ensembles as teaching assistants. TAs demonstrate skills, lead games, offer individualized student support, and more.


Hand-picked intermediate-advanced students ages 12-adult who have been accepted after a process that includes a written application and interview coaching session are available to work one-on-one with beginners currently enrolled in Uncaged Musicians classes.

Student coaches are provided with goals, suggested lesson plans, and information about their student's skill levels in various areas to ensure they are poised to offer exactly the right support.


Intermediate-advanced students ages 12-adult who have given a consistently outstanding performance over 18+ months as a Teaching Assistant may be invited to co-teach one of our Twinklers classes.

Student teachers conduct as much of the class as they are capable of successfully doing, with the help of a professional teacher on hand to offer support as needed. They are given detailed weekly class outlines, spend extensive time outside of class preparing, and receive ongoing feedback honing their teaching skills. Student teachers who excel after 18+ months of co-teaching and are at least 16 years old may be invited to co-teach increasingly advanced classes and eventually teach their own classes and private lessons.