Uncaging Music: Support for Border Detainees

Sunday, August 25, 2019 by Rylin Erickson | Uncategorized

Hi Students,

We're *on* for near-weekly busking in support of border detainees starting this Saturday, August 31st! 

When: most Saturdays 2-3pm (all except for 9/7)

Where: Community Market in Sebastopol

Who: all current students of all ages/levels!

Sign up in our online portal to perform on whichever dates work for you. Any performance-ready pieces are welcome, so dig through your materials! (We'll be bringing a smaller than full size electric piano so take that into account when choosing pieces if you play piano.) I'd also love for all participating students to share their "why" in the form of a picture and/or writing (standard paper size, please, so I can keep it in sheet protectors). 

***I'd be eternally grateful if someone is willing to make us a weather-resistant sign! Contact me if you'd like to be that person.*** UPDATE: HUGE THANKS TO INSIGHT SIGNS AND GRAPHICS FOR DONATING OUR BEAUTIFUL PROFESSIONAL SIGN!

See our Facebook event page here: -- please share with your friends and family! Ask people who donate online to share the amount with me if they're willing so I can add it to our running total.

Thanks so much!