About Us

Uncaged Musicians are...

fun-loving, curious, and creative!

Uncaged Musicians learn to improvise from the very beginning, exploring the many sounds their voices and instruments are capable of making and eventually working on voice leading, chord charts, modes, and more. They are encouraged to take ownership of their learning process and their input is valued highly in many areas from expressive elements and fingering choices to class topics and repertoire.

process-oriented and intrinsically motivated.

Uncaged Musicians learn to work through challenges, try new things, and be proactive about asking for help when needed. Music is valued highly in their families and the decision to start and continue study is primarily in the students' hands (keeping in mind that parental assistance is essential for forming and maintaining practice and listening routines for those 12 and under). Family members are unwavering in their encouragement of the student, understand that learning is not linear, and seek out enrichment experiences.

community minded!

Uncaged Musicians love to collaborate and offer enthusiastic support. They treat one another with respect and honor their differences in race, gender, orientation, religion, income, age, skill level, and so on. They perform with and/or for their friends and family. They are eager for ways to use their music to make a positive impact on their communities and the world.

comfortable with technology... or willing to learn the basics!

Uncaged Musicians value technology as a learning tool. Our online portal grants access to a wealth of information and resources! Additionally, because of fire season and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, instruction periodically takes place over Zoom and/or in on-demand videos. In addition, studio families may occasionally be asked to make and upload short videos to Google Drive. (Please let us know if gear or internet access poses a financial hardship and we can explore options together.) Our studio families' philosophies on tech usage and screen time run the gamut but they all willingly use computers or mobile devices to participate fully in studio activities.

Notes from Elizabeth:

Black Lives Matter always. Please read our official stance on this important human rights issue. I am strongly committed to protesting racism and police brutality and working towards social justice and the deep systemic change that requires.

The website is in the process of being updated to reflect our current format; some pages may still contain info specific to our online program early in the pandemic or even pre-covid. Please use the contact form if you have questions. Thanks!